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About the Department

Department of Management in the Economy was established in 1984 as a result of a discussion of the scholar community on the new shape SGPiS economics and organization theory and management. Employees of the Department of Political Economy and the Department of Organization and Management at the Faculty of Internal Trade has set up a new department, whose head became prof. dr hab. Urszula Grzelońska. The new Department consisting of representatives of mainstream economics and organization theory and management proved to be an innovative idea and impulse for interdisciplinary research. Name of the Department indicated a new approach to management studies - integrated at the micro and macro perspective.

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Department staff took an active part in rebuilding the economy and develop the theory of transformation of the economy. Two important international conferences organized by Professor Urszula Grzelońska and Professor Janusz Beksiak - on the privatization of the Polish economy and about the dynamics of management systems remain in memory of Polish economists. Major contributions to the development of the Department brought Janusz Dabrowski, Ph.D., who as a director of the Warsaw branch of the Institute for Market Economics undertook an important and wide-ranging research on privatization of Polish companies and the investment attractiveness of sectors and regions.

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